The Presidential Race for 2020 Could Have Bearing on FANG Stocks

The presidential campaigns for 2020 are getting accelerated. Hence, the domination of technology companies is most probably set to remain a key factor for Democratic candidates. An analyst from Bank of America, Justin Post said that the focus of the Presidential Campaign on FANG regulation will most probably stay. Just a week back, Senator Elizabeth Warren had revealed a plan to break up the biggest tech companies, in case she gets elected as President. The Democrat from Massachusetts is particularly focused on some of the beloved stocks of FAANG. FAANG represents the stocks of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google and Netflix. Warren even expressed her views to a news network on Sunday. She said that the biggest tech companies at the moment are eating into the small businesses, start-ups and carrying out competitions in an unfair manner.

Warren said that there is a need to break the companies up. Justin Post even made a post-analysis of the break-up scenarios for Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook. Warren had already given references regarding the break-up quite repeatedly in her criticism. Now, forced spin-offs might help out the previous tech giants to a large extent, still, Justin Post believes that Facebook is the one at maximum risk to lose out on shareholder value. He further added that Bank of America has noticed a part breakup of Alphabet as a kind of enhancement in value. The wide reach of each and every business unit of Alphabet, as separate entities, each brand now has sufficient scale to get hold of large advertiser interest.

Though Bank of America did not mention Apple in their analysis of break-up, Warren made the confirmation that she wishes to break it up as well. She believes that by breaking up these tech companies, the market will work as per the rules.

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