Amazon Receives 23M Dollar from Virginia County

The board of a Northern Virginia County has gone on to approve an incentive package of $23m for Amazon and help them build their new headquarters over there. This happened in the midst of protesters shouting shame in a repeated manner. On Saturday, the Arlington County Board voted 5-0 in favour of this package. This had come just hours after some heated public testimony. Supporters said that the plan for Amazon to build up a huge facility in Crystal City would lead to tens of thousands of really good jobs.

All those who were opposing said that Amazon neither requires nor deserves to get any kind of public subsidy. They even said that residents with low-income levels would get driven out by the increase in rents. Back in the month of November, Amazon had selected New York City as well as Crystal City as the winners of a completely secret process, which had gone on in more than 230 cities of North America. This had happened as part of the bid to be the 2nd headquarters for Amazon. Last month, Amazon had abandoned their plan for New York City in the midst of pushback from politicians and activists.

Amazon has plans of creating a minimum of 25000 jobs over a period of 12 years in the suburb of Washington. The state of Virginia has already provided approval for an incentive package of $750m for the organization. Vice Chairman of the Board, Libby Garvey said that Arlington has gone through a lot of change in a period of more than 40 years and he feels that things are ready for this. He further said that they all have planned for this growth, the jobs but still never expected to receive this much through one agreement.

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