Drinking Beverages That Contain Sugar Is Linked With Early Death

Beverages that contain sugar and soda are not at all regarded as healthy for people. A new study has revealed an even scarier thing. It finds out that beverages that contain sugar are linked to an increased risk of early demise. The study, which has been published in the journal Circulation, shows that the researchers have analysed information from more than 80,000 women and 37,000 men in the health profession, who were followed for close to three decades. All those participants have filled up survey forms related to their diet every four years. Then they have also answered queries related to their lifestyle and overall health every two years’ time.

The greater the amount of sugar beverages people consumed, the greater is their risk of death during the period of study. For instance, all those who consumed two to six beverages that are sweetened by sugar every week were 6 percent more likely to pass away than the ones who drank less than one sugar-sweetened beverage per month. Moreover, all those people who drank one to two SSBs per day turned out to be 14 percent more likely to expire during the period of study. The findings managed to stand even after the researchers had taken into account different factors, which might lead to the risk of disease and premature death, like smoking, use of alcohol, physical activity.

The results revealed from the study provide additional support to restrict the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and to replace all those with other beverages like water. This would help to improve health and longevity. Further, it must be noted that the study went on to find only an association and cannot prove that drinking sugar-coated drinks indeed lead to early demise.

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