Healthy Older Adults Can Avoid Heart Attacks and Strokes without Pills

The fresh recommendations had got rid of the advice from doctors for a number of years regarding the daily use of aspirin. The doctors feel that changes in lifestyle for older adults can actually avoid strokes and heart attacks from occurring. On Sunday, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology gave a statement. They stated that 75 to 100 mg of aspirin must not be given on a regular basis to prevent atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. This is applicable for people, who are more than 70 years old or the ones with an increased risk of bleeding. The research clearly suggests that continuous use of aspirin can lead to severe bleeding as well as haemorrhaging.

Co-chairman of the fresh guidelines from the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association is Roger Blumenthal. He said that clinicians must be extremely selective while they prescribe aspirin to all those people who suffer from any kind of unknown cardiovascular disease. He feels that it is a lot more important for people to maximize one’s habits related to lifestyle. Plus, they must keep their blood pressure as well as cholesterol under check. These must be done as opposed towards providing recommendations for using aspirin.

All those selective people who suffer from the high risk of cardiovascular disease along with an extremely low risk of bleeding could still get advised to take aspirin. The AHA and ACA have both mentioned certain ways to prevent heart attacks and strokes. They suggest people have vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains for keeping hearts healthy. Plus people must do regular exercises and maintain a healthy weight. Another important aspect is to stay away from smoking as one out of three deaths due to heart disease occur out of this.

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