Japan Will Blast a Crater inside an Asteroid for Scientific Purpose

The Hayabusa 2 spacecraft of Japan is into doing certain big things during their time at the asteroid, regarded as Ryugu. The space program from Japan, JAXA had arrived at the space rock in the previous year. Then, after a lot of planning, managed to fire a projectile into the surface to collect samples of their surface. Right now, JAXA has plans for much more fearless manoeuvre. Hayabusa 2 is not well equipped with a drill or any other digging tool to go through the surface of the asteroid. Still, it had brought some explosives.

The first sample attempt from Hayabusa2 was quite straightforward. The spacecraft had dropped down close to the rock’s surface, fired a small projectile and then went on to capture some of the debris that had kicked up due to the impact. In order to get subsurface material, this particular probe would release what is known as a carry-on impactor right into the sky above the asteroid, Ryugu. The impactor contains a larger copper projectile along with an explosive charge. It is a sort of one-shot cannon. Then, once it gets released and Hayabusa 2 moves to a safe distance, it would then fire into the surface of the asteroid and produce a very large crater.

The crater that JAXA estimates, would be close to one meter deep and the length will be as much as 10 meters in diameter. It will be the location from which Hayabusa2 would fetch their subsurface sample. The safety of Hayabusa2 is the topmost priority for JAXA. The impactor is supposed to release on 5th April but still, it would take a minimum of two weeks before the debris and dust get cleared and JAXA would manage to take a good look at the hole, which they have created.

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