Five Experts on Whether It Is Healthier To Follow a Vegetarian Diet

There is a rise of vegetarianism and a number of vegetarians would be glad to share this information with people. More people are beginning to learn about the negative effects that meat has on health and the benefits, which people receive from consuming a diet based on plants. There are five experts who have given their views on whether a vegetarian diet is much more healthy compared to a diet based on meats. Let us take a look at their responses.

A dietician named Amelia Harry said that people can consider vegetarian foods to be healthy until the point they are actually healthy. The eating patterns of vegetarians have been linked with a lower level of risk regarding premature death. On the other hand, red and processed meats increase the risk of colorectal cancer. The diets followed in Australia are mostly high in meat and have a low content of vegetables and legumes. The dietician said that people can go for certain plant-based alternatives to meat by so having nuts, seeds, legumes, and tofu, which contain similar kinds of nutrient as that of meat.

Next, a doctor named Malcolm Forbes said that there is indeed strong evidence, which has regularly gone on to demonstrate that vegetarians enjoy lower rates of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes as well as high blood pressure. He feels that it is easier to reduce the risk of patients suffering from lifestyle diseases. Similar viewpoints were expressed by Nutritionists, Natalie Parletta and Rosemary Stanton as well. Finally, a Population Nutrition named Katherine Livingstone said that where meats happen to be a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, one should limit their intake of processed meats. A diet based on plants is good, both for people as well as the planet.

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