The EU Penalizes Google for Getting Search and Advertising Bundled

The EU’s European Commission along with Google is coming up with all kinds of announcements in recent times. They have revealed that they would be implementing browser as well as a picker for the search engine in the Android devices sold by the European Union. It is about the fact that the advertising division of Google has got fined, with the amount of 1.5 billion Euro. The recent antitrust ruling from the European Commission clearly suggests Google’s misconduct. They had bundled their advertising platform with their customized search engine program. This happens to be anti-competitive towards other providers of advertisements.

The specific wing of the advertising empire of Google, which the European Union is concerned about over here is AdSense for Search. It does not refer to the popular advertisements above the search results of Rather, those ads are displayed in Custom Search results. They tend to get embedded inside their websites. The European Union has reviewed hundreds of advertising contracts from Google. It found out a number of Ad division behaviour from Google, which they felt to be anti-competitive in nature. Initially, from the year 2006 to 2009, the ads were shown quite exclusively on pages with Google custom search engines. No one was allowed to do something similar to using Google to crawl one’s site, then show up advertisements of Yahoo ahead of the embedded results.

The Commission made a note regarding the issue. It said that Google had loosened up this requirement in the year 2009 and replaced it with some other practice. This was considered to be uncompetitive. The main concern was that Google had managed to bundle up its advertising platform with its custom search engine for websites. Due to this, the EU ruled that the arrangement was anti-competitive towards other providers of ads.

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