Cancer Can Occur If One Drinks Very Hot Tea

A new study has revealed a correlation between cancer and hot tea. One need not to worry if they drink tea at a moderate temperature. The report American Cancer Society managed to find that drinking two cups of tea, whose temperature lies at more than 140 degrees, almost tends to double up the chances of cancer in the oesophagus. So, the temperature holds the key. The connection between hot tea and cancer has come out in the studies conducted previously. Still, this study on Wednesday happens to be the first to point out a particular temperature.

Scientists have pinpointed this fact by taking a look at 50,000 people in Iran. It is a place where tea gets consumed typically at a lot higher temperature than the United States. It is thought that heat might well damage one’s oesophagus. Plus it could go on to created injuries in a repetitive manner, which can lead to cancer in a similar manner as alcohol, smoking and acid reflux do. There is an expert at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The expert has gone on to say that consuming anything, which is sufficiently hot to cause injury to the oesophagus, would most probably increase the risk of cancer.

The American Cancer Society has also come up with the facts and figures on these. They have made an estimation, where they say that more than 13000 fresh cases of oesophageal cancer would get diagnosed in men and almost close to 4000 new cases would get diagnosed in women in the United States during this year. The fact of the matter is that one can most probably keep drinking their tea, coffee as well as cocoa, without any problem but should make sure to keep the temperature down.

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