Finland Investigates Into the Fact That Nokia Phones Send Data to China

The data protection watchdog of Finland is carrying out investigations on the owner of Nokia, HMD. It is over claims that their mobiles have sent data to the servers in China. This particular probe basically follows a report by the public broadcaster of Norway, NRK. NRK has claimed that they have got evidence that phones of Nokia are transmitting quite sensitive information to China. He said that he had been keeping a watch over the traffic from his Nokia 7 phone. He found out that it was indeed sending information, which did not happen to be encoded to a server in China, while it was switched on.

As per reports, the sensitive data did include his location. In addition to this, even included the SIM Card Number and the serial number of the phone. NRK further went on to say that their findings indicated, the server happened to be under the domain, named This is reportedly managed by the telecommunications company, China Telecom, which is owned by the State. The data protection ombudsman Reijo Aarnio said that he would carry out an assessment as to whether any breaches were involved in personal information and whether there has indeed been any legal justification for the occurrence.

In the year 2016, the start-up of Finland, HMD Global had signed a license for ten years with Microsoft for the Nokia brand. As per reports, it had agreed to NRK that a batch of Nokia 7 phones had sent over data to China. It even confirmed that they had rectified the error, which had come up through a software update in January that most of the customers had installed. HMD has even claimed that the phones did not send any kind of personal data, which could identify their owners.

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