The Patch on Microsoft Windows 7 Issues Warning Of the Upcoming Problem

Microsoft has managed to issue a patch for reminding the users of Windows 7 that they would very soon have no patches. The particular update informs users that they will not manage to receive any support for Windows 7 after 14th January 2020. This is basically an attempt on their side to let users upgrade to the latest operating system. Of course, Microsoft has been putting a lot of pressure on people for quite some time to persuade them to upgrade to Windows 10.

Each and every version of Windows passes through different support stages. As far as the mainstream support is concerned, it gets all the updates as well as the patches, which the users expect. Still, this phrase ultimately comes to an end at the point, the version of the operating system makes a switch over to the extended support. It still goes over to provide security updates. The mainstream support for Windows 7 without the Service Pack one edition from Microsoft had come to an end on 9th April 2013. All those users who had installed SP1 still went on to find that mainstream support ended on 13th January 2015. From that time onwards, users of Windows 7 SP1 have remained on extended support. The end of support on 14th January 2020 is basically the end of that extended support.

When the Operating System was launched in the year 2015, Microsoft had offered free upgrades under their Get Windows 10 program. Those had come to an end in July 2016. The sole exception was for all those, who were using assistive technologies on the operating system. It had ended back in December 2017. What it means is that all those users, who wish to upgrade right now, will have to make payments.

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