The Sign To Boost Life On Mars Has Been Confirmed

The mystery with regard to methane on Mars may well get solved. This is because the scientists have confirmed that there is a presence of gas, which indicates that life exists on the Red Planet as well along with the source, it could come from. Now, the debate has started out over the accuracy of the readings that show methane, which is produced on Earth by simple forms of life.

Right now, an international team of experts has started to compare observations from two separate spacecraft. The observations were taken just one day apart in the year 2013. This was to find out independent proof of methane on the neighbouring planet of ours. What’s more, they had even conducted two experiments on a parallel basis to determine the most probable source of methane on Mars, which turned out to be a sheet of ice to the east of Gale Crater. This itself has been assumed for a very long time to be a lake that has dried up.

The most probable source of life on Mars was a sheet of frozen methane that lied under the formation of rock. Marco Giuranna, from the National Astrophysics Institute in Rome, said that though methane was a sign of life on Earth its presence on Mars did not provide concrete evidence of something similar on the Red Planet. He said that methane is extremely important as it might well be an indicator of life. Giuranna even mentioned that further research was required to determine the exact extent of the methane ice sheet close to Gale Crater. In case, it turned out to be extensive, the methane over there could well support human presence on Mars in a sustained manner. This can be a propellant for further manned missions to Earth.

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