People Of Mozambique Queue Up For Cholera Vaccines To Tackle Outbreak

On Wednesday, the people of Mozambique lined up in order to get vaccines for cholera in the city of Beira, which has been badly hit by a cyclone. This is the start of an initiative to treat almost 900,000 storm survivors with a vaccine as part of the efforts to restrict an outbreak of the dreadful disease. The Mayor of Beira, Daviz Simango was one of those who had swallowed the vaccine orally on Wednesday. Then, people even had marked their fingers to show that they have got immunized. The port of Beira in the Indian Ocean has a total population of 500,000 people. There, most of the cholera cases, which are more than 1400, have got reported since the outbreak had got declared a week back.

The authorities of Mozambique have gone on to report two deaths so far from the acute form of the diarrheal disease. This can get people killed within a few hours if they do not get treated properly. There are cases, which have been confirmed in some outlying communities as well. Now, vaccinators would start off at that place on Thursday. On an overall basis, the campaign looks to vaccinate around 884,000 people in Beira, Nhamatanda, Dondo, and Buzi. There are more than 100,000 survivors of this Cyclone Idai, who are still staying in displacement camps with very little access to clean water or sanitation.

The government of Mozambique said that the oral vaccines start to take effect just a week after it gets administered. Then, the second round of oral vaccine would be required after a number of weeks to provide much stronger protection. The overall toll of deaths from the cyclone stands at 598 in Mozambique. There are more than 300 casualties in neighbouring nations of Zimbabwe and Malawi.

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