WhatsApp Adds Up A New Privacy Setting For Groups To Prevent Fake News

WhatsApp has announced that they have come up with another protection for users in their effort to prevent the spread of fake news and information, which are falsely represented. This new feature would users to control, those who have permission to add them to groups. The organization has said that this step would surely help in limiting the abuse and also keep the phone numbers of users private. In relation to all these, this app would also introduce a system of inviting for all those who enable the additional level of protection.

The privacy setting appears just a day after the messaging app owned by Facebook, managed to launch a tipline to check facts in India, ahead of the election season in the country. Just like other social media platforms, WhatsApp has played a massive role to spread fake news. This kind of misinformation does not always appear through family and friends but they can even come through in the form o group chats. In certain instances, users get involved in some chats against their wish. This happens quite regularly in India, which is one o the biggest markets of WhatsApp.

If people want to enable the new protection, users can simply go to Settings, then tap on Account, followed by Privacy, then Groups. After this, they can choose one of the three available options with regard to who can add you to a group chat. The options include Nobody, My Contacts or Everybody. Nobody simply means that one would need to approve of joining every group to which he or she gets the invite. This is one of the many changes, which WhatsApp has made in recent times, mainly intended to reduce the spread of fake news and misinformation.

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