An Early Morning Knock Again Increases The Pressure For Carlos Ghosn

The authorities have knocked on the door of Carlos Ghosn, just sometime before 6 am. Within a few minutes, more than people had gone over to their apartment in Tokyo. They immediately seized a number of items. The items included the phones of Mrs Ghosn, her passport, her diary along with the letters, which she had written to her husband when he was in jail. The prosecutor’s’ office had a woman, who managed to follow up on Mrs Ghosn even into the bathroom. As and when she had come out of the shower, the woman went ahead to hand over a towel to her. She said that they had even handed away the papers of Mrs Ghosn and asked her to sign them.

In an interview on Thursday, Mrs Ghosn said that the officials did not push her around but they definitely wanted to cause humiliation to her and her husband. This statement was given once one of the most powerful leaders of the auto industry got arrested for the fourth time. Mrs Ghosn said that she had got treated like a terrorist. On Thursday, the prosecutors went over to arrest Mr Carlos Ghosn on suspicion that he had used his position right at the top of Nissan of Japan in order to enrich himself. The cost of that possible enrichment is supposed to be $5 million to the company.

The treatment of Carlos Ghosn by the Japanese prosecutors has gone on to provoke criticism of the broader prosecutorial powers. Mrs Ghosn clearly stated, they did not expect that an early morning arrest would take place. She further said that her husband, Mr Carlos Ghosn is absolutely devastated by what has happened. There is a sense of fear within him and worries about his wife.

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