The Successful Completion of Lunar Capture Maneuver from Beresheet

The Space IL spacecraft, Beresheet is scheduled to land on the moon’s surface on 11th April. Now, it has successfully completed its most crucial series of movements on Thursday afternoon. This stream of movements, which is known as Lunar Capture, was quite a landmark moment in the journey of this module to the moon. The significance was more so because it managed to exit the gravitational pull of the earth and make an entry into the moon’s orbit. Now, with the success of Lunar Capture, Israel has become the seventh nation to enter the orbit of the moon.

It seemed as if the manoeuvre had successfully completed the mission. Despite this, the engineers from the Israel Aerospace Industries and Space IL said that it would take up a number of hours to give a confirmation of the new path from Beresheet. The spacecraft has not got captured by the gravity of the moon and would start getting it circled. For a successful entry inside the orbit of the moon, Beresheet spacecraft required to slow down from 8500 kilometres per hour to 7500 kilometres per hour. The engineers had managed to accomplish this through getting spacecraft turned, so that their engineers get to thrust it in the opposite direction, thereby slowing the speed down.

The Beresheet is expected to successfully land on Moon on 11th April. If the spacecraft does come up with a successful landing, then it is expected that it would carry out to two or three days of experiments for the collection of data related to the magnetic fields of the moon before getting shut down. Approximately, it would stay over there for a lifetime, thus joining close to 181000 kgs of manmade debris spread across the surface of the moon.

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