Wife of Carlos Ghosn Appeals for Help to the French Government

The Wife of Carlos Ghosn, the former Chairman of Nissan has left Japan and gone over to Paris. She has gone over there to make an appeal to the Government of France so that they do more than what they are currently doing to help him out. The former chairman of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn was taken into custody for the fourth occasion a week ago. It was based on the suspicion that he had made an attempt to help himself out and enrich himself to the expense of the car maker.

This comes up due to a particular reason. The lawyer had already given the indication for tough situations for Ghosn’s initial release on bail in a blog post. He said that the former Nissan Chairman would be allowed to make use of only one computer. The computer that he can use is the one at the lawyer’s office and the one on phone. In the meantime, Carole Ghosn, wife of Carlos Ghosn had called on the Government of France to be even more active for her husband. She said that she does not think, her husband had received sufficient support and thus he was calling for assistance.

Carlos Ghosn previously had imprisonment for 108 days. The duration was enough to change any individual as a person. His wife, Carole Ghosn said exactly the same thing. She clearly mentioned that 108-day imprisonment had made him a completely different person altogether. Plus, leading a normal life under bail conditions was not at all possible. Finally, wife of the former chairman of Nissan even added that there was a sense of fear in the eyes of her husband as news that he might get arrested, began to spread in the week before.

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