A Superbug That Resists Drug Is an Emerging Threat in New York City

Candida Auris is a fungus that resists multiple drugs. It has been getting spread across hospitals and nursing homes. The infection caused out of this fungus can lead to blood infections and also lead to the death of one-third of patients. It was first detected back in the year 2009 in Japan and currently present in more than 12 countries. The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has recorded 587 cases across different regions in America. There are more than 309 cases in New York, with the primary concentration in the area of New York City. New Jersey has 104 recorded cases related to this problem.

In the year 2018, a patient at Mount Sinai Hospital had got infected with C.auris after undergoing surgery. Tests came up with the report that fungus had spread all over the hospital room. The hospital required special equipment for the clean-up and at certain points, even had to rip apart the pieces of the ceiling and floor. The symptoms associated with this problem might not become noticeable. This is because often it is found that patients already happen to be suffering from any other kind of illness as well. They can even lead to all different types of infections. The infections include the likes of bloodstream infection, wound infections and ear infections.

The infections that occur out of this problem can get treated with antifungal medications known as echinocandins. C.auris has even led to the outbreaks across hospitals as well as nursing homes. They get spread by coming in contact with all those patients, who have got affected. People can even have them from areas that are contaminated by this fungus. Proper hygiene and other measures to control infection as help prevent the infection from getting spread.

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