Things That One Need To Know About the Superbug Candida Auris

The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has considered a superbug as a very serious threat to global health. This has been increasing quite rapidly in the United States as well as abroad in recent years. There are presently 617 cases that have been confirmed domestically. More than 20 countries have reported multiple instances. Candida Auris, in a typical manner preys on all those patients, who are admitted in hospitals and nursing homes. Thus it causes potentially fatal infections, which have often not managed to respond positively to the usual modes of treatment.

Candida Auris is a fungal disease, which spreads in different settings of healthcare. It causes infections in an invasive manner. It was in the year 2009 when this disease had first got identified. Candida auris started to occur in the US mainly after the middle of the year 2015. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention is mainly concerned about it due to a particular reason. Candida Auris is quite difficult to get diagnosed and thus require lab work in a specialized manner. Prompt action is the need of the hour to prevent the spread of this disease. This disease usually affects those patients, who are already suffering from a serious medical condition. Plus, all those with weak immunity also tend to get affected.

The outbreaks have occurred mainly in New York, New Jersey, and Illinois. They accounted for 90% of the cases based in the US as of 29th March. The symptoms include fever, chills, which do not respond to antibiotics. CDC says that the infections can be treated with antifungal medicines known as echinocandins. One can avoid getting affected by this disease, through maintaining hygiene and ensure that they do not get exposed to the affected individuals.

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