About Us

While conceptualizing the possibility of News Times Today, the goal was clear – to serve the readers with authentic news content. We do not prefer to be simply one more website that adds to the archive of the web. The innovation has enabled human lives and it has served people with more than anticipated. Be that as it may, it has additionally expanded spreading counterfeit news and serving one-sided biased news. Remembering these things, we chose not to modify any journalistic standards and not to fabricate the morals and ethics of news. Thus, we created a couple of rules and a filtration framework that would cross-check the data for its authenticity.

At News Times Today, we cover a bunch of categories. The publication team at News Times Today takes extreme care that the news is secured by experts who have served the specific business for quite a long time and have rich involvement in the field they compose. News Times Today has business, health, technology and science categories. The reason behind having these categories is the change in making things that are occurring in these segments.

News Times Today does not engage any kind of misleading content sources and undesirable promotions. The sole motivation behind this site depends on the ideas of fair and solid reporting. The group at News Times Today is expertly gifted who need to construct a stage for articulation. Intentionally, we have confined the word limit to at least 300 words with the goal that you can get the information in a justifiable manner and can check the subtleties in only minutes. Thus, don’t miss anything worth perusing.