Our Team

MichaelMichael Calfee

Michael is one of the important pillars of News Times Today. He has 5 years of experience in covering global business and finance related news. He loves to explore the business world. Besides being a full-time journalist, Michael loves to listen to POP music and attends the concerts if he gets time from his busy schedule.

: michaelc@newstimestoday.com
: (+1) 641-231-8692

JohnJohn Troutman

John is an author at News Times Today and has a techno-savvy mind and loves to explore scientific discoveries. He handles the responsibility of covering science and technology areas. Although being a  geek, John is a coffee maven and an absolute foodie.

: johnt@newstimestoday.com
: (+1) 641-231-8692

AdamAdam Boddie

Adam has earned his degree in health science. He handles all the news related to health. He is an important part of News Times Today. Adam is associated with an NGO for a long time. He is a shy person with a helpful nature. When free, Adam loves to spend time with his dog and likes to take part in many programs conducted by the World Health Organization.

: adamb@newstimestoday.com
: (+1) 641-231-8692